about AVO

AVO is a Brooklyn based studio rooted in a passion for materials and process. Founded in 2014 by Brit Kleinman, our in-house collection focuses on creating hand-dyed leather for interiors and products. 

Rooted at the intersection of art and design, AVO’s signature “Painted Plains” collection of hand-dyed cowhides plays with the juxtaposition between material, shape and pattern. AVO continually explores these visuals through a wide range of products and installations. 

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Design and development of bespoke surfaces is at the core of what we do. Forms and patterns are thoughtfully crafted in house with our dyeing done by hand. Leather is a one-of-a-kind material; natural, soft and durable. Additionally, Leather is actually a by-product which we choose to put to good use through design. We love working locally to continue the traditions of makers in and around New York City.

With a small and dedicated team, AVO approaches each new design with a discerning eye and a passion for experimentation. All collections are available to the trade and public through our Brooklyn based studio and showrooms nationwide.


Artist & Designer

Brit Kleinman was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

She takes an anthropologic approach to design, studying how objects that surround us reflect the culture in which we live. From travels around the world to daily adventures, Brit gathers inspiration from the ingenious ways people find different solutions to similar problems. With AVO, she explores the use of age-old techniques onto new materials and patterns that cross cultures.

After studying Industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Brit began her career designing bags and honing a passion for The Way We Carry. She continued sharpening her craft while acting as head bag designer at Jack Spade from 2008 to 2013. In 2014, Brit opened her own studio in Brooklyn, where she launched her flagship collection of hand-painted leather rugs.

 Select studio photos by  Jeremy Sachs-Michaels  and  Kimberly M Wang

Select studio photos by Jeremy Sachs-Michaels and Kimberly M Wang