Sabah + AVO

Limited Edition Shoes, 2017

Excited to announce the AvoSabah. A series of limited edition Sabah shoes made of custom AVO leather we hand-dyed in Brooklyn. Our leather then headed to Turkey to be hand-stitched by Sabah's craftsmen in Gaziantep. See and shop the shoes during a traveling exhibition which starts at the Sabah House NYC, June 7th. Then follow along as it heads to LA and DALLAS.

 To order online, head over to the  Sabah Shop

To order online, head over to the Sabah Shop

asher israelow + AVO


Lincoln Lounge Chair, 2016

This special edition Lincoln Lounge Chair is a collaboration between Brooklyn based brands Asher Israelow and AVO. With a relaxed posture and supple sling this leather lounge chair is built for sophisticated comfort. A perfect piece to sit with the crossword or plot global domination. 


  • Hand-dyed vegetable tanned leather from AVO in graphite on natural 
  • American black walnut, solid brass details


  • 24 x 28 x 32 (h) inches
  • seat height: 15 1/2 inches

Made to order

For inquires, email -


google + AVO

OnHUB, 2015

Introducing OnHub Makers: 

Shells by Artists, Designers, and Makers

OnHub is a router from Google that provides fast Wi-Fi for all your devices. Routers work best when out in the open, so the OnHub from TP-LINK has interchangeable shells so you can better customize it to fit your space.

In addition to the new shell designs that Google introduced, we shared the files with artists, designers, and makers from around the world to create their own OnHub shells. Now it's your turn. See their designs and get inspired to make your own.

AVO's shell for Google is made from natural deer parchment, that has been hand painted and hard-formed around the OnHub body. 


Hashtag: #onhubmakers

Madewell + AVO

Limited edition AVO tote + clutch for Madewell2015

"LA native Brit Kleinman is a designer with the soul of an anthropologist—she's fascinated by the way people carry things (she came up with the name of her line after watching someone transport a bag of avocados through a Guatemalan market). she collaborated with Madewell on a limited-edition collection of hand-painted bags and pouches. Made in Brooklyn of vegetable-tanned leather, each tote develops a rich patina the more you wear it and is hand numbered by the artist." -

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio + AVO


Ovis Charis, 2015

These special edition Ovis Chairs are the result of a bi-coastal collaboration between Ladies & Gentlemen Studio out of Seattle, and AVO out of Brooklyn.

The Ovis chair is a reinterpretation of a classic sling chair while using unexpected material combinations to celebrate each material's innate quality. The metal and whitened maple frame designed in Seattle by Jean Lee and Dylan Davis, supports a leather sling hand painted in Brooklyn by Brit Kleinman.