Woven Leather

Hand Dyed Woven Leather Rugs, Pillows and Upholstery

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Woven Rugs

Rugs are made to order and priced by the square foot. Rugs can be made up to 15 feet wide with any length. Finished rugs come with a polished selvage edge or rich leather binding.

Common sizes 3'x12' / 6'x8' / 8'x10' / 9'x12' / 15'x20' 


Woven Pillows & Upholstery 

Fine strips of leather are woven to create polished pillows with a solid leather back. Woven leather upholstery is 60" wide and comes backed with fabric for easy use and various applications. Woven pillows are available in our standard sizes.



Our leather is hand dyed in Brooklyn and woven in the United States on traditional looms. We offer white glove delivery in select cities.  We recommend rug pads for certain floor types. Shop them here.

In the New York region?

Schedule a visit to our workshop and showroom in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.