Our Story

Designs that Tell a Story


AVO is a creative studio that uses color, pattern and material as tools for storytelling. We specialize in hand dyed leather, woven rugs, and wall coverings that create memorable moments within your space. We believe in bringing product to life through our hands and in the power of quiet details to speak volumes. Using traditional and unconventional textile techniques, our pieces are made with integrity and get better with age.


AVO_in context


Every new collection begins by venturing out and noticing the textures and colors right in front of us. Using the language of pattern, we tell you the story of what we see.



After absorbing the colors and textures, we experiment, always taking risks and trying something new. It's through this process that the collection develops and takes shape.



We make things with our hands and relish the process of craft. We dye everything in house and work with local suppliers to further our connections with the products we develop. 


Artist & Designer

Brit Kleinman

Brit takes an anthropological approach to design, studying how objects that surround us reflect the culture in which we live. From travels around the world to daily adventures, Brit gathers inspiration from the ingenious ways people find different solutions to similar problems. With AVO, she explores her love for process and working with her hands. She dives deep into materials by using age-old techniques with a modern lens to create patterns that reflect the world around her.

After growing up in Los Angeles, Brit headed to the east coast to study Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  She began her career designing soft goods for Samsonite, and Timberland, then made her way to New York to become head bag designer for Jack Spade. She continued her journey consulting with Shinola and Casper while creating The Way We Carry to look at how humans solve the most basic of problems.  In 2014, Brit branched off on her own to start AVO and launch her flagship collection of hand dyed leather rugs.



Cass Sachs-Michaels

Graphic Designer


Amelia Coulter

Production Artist