Leather Wall Tiles

Captivating Wall Coverings for
Commercial & Residential Interiors

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How to buy

Our leather tiles are priced by the SQFT and made to order. They are dyed by hand in our brooklyn studio and lead times vary based on quantity. We have a 50 SQFT minimum on all tiles.

Custom configurations, colors and sizes are available.  

Leather tiles are easy to install and maintain. To ensure a successful installation, contact us for full recommendations and instructions.

Why Leather Walls?

Leather tiles are have actually been used in interiors for ages ( ^ like this German castle from the 17th century!!). In addition to their unique aesthetic, leather tiles are great at dampening sound within a space and age with grace. 

Our tiles are made from solid full grain leather and suitable for residential and commercial settings.  They make great additions to restaurants, lobbies, bedrooms, living rooms and feature walls. They also can be inset into table tops and used as furniture inlays.

Bespoke Tile Project


Our tiles celebrate the beautiful and natural characteristics inherent to leather through pattern and color. We love working with clients to create custom designs for their space that offer an elevated twist on traditional wall coverings.

Have a new project in mind? Reach out to start the conversation.

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