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Bird Cage

Amazon Headquarters, NYC

Wrapped in a nest-like aura, this artwork transforms as you explore it from all perspectives. A vibrant exterior gives way to striking transparency inviting sunlight to cascade within. Its woven form symbolizes the technology and systems binding us together, while celebrating the physical spaces where intertwined memories are forged. Engaging from afar with rhythmic patterns over the steel structure, up close it unveils intricately hand-woven ropes undergoing a color transition across floors. This signifies the passage of time and the evolution of ideas. Beyond an art piece, it's a tribute to this historic textile building, bridging past technologies with the present.

Hand-woven ropes made from solution-dyed acrylic in 21 colors + Hand-dyed leather in 6 colors + Serrated Edge Steel Fins

19' H x 18' W

Commissioned by Amazon + Indiewalls
Photography by Elliot Goldstein + Majid Aliyev
Architecture and Interiors by WRNS
Development by Seneca Group

880 Hours to create - Landmark building, West 38th St + 5th Avenue

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