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Bird Cage

Amazon Headquarters, NYC

A true work of artistry, "Bird Cage" was conceived by our founder, Brit Kleinman, and meticulously crafted by her and the dedicated team at AVO. Each rope is constructed by hand over several months, with every knot intricately tied one at a time. Engaging from afar with rhythmic patterns over the steel structure, the ropes undergo a color transition across floors to signify the passage of time and evolution of ideas.

Wrapped in a nest-like aura, its design symbolizes the technology and systems binding us together. We tend to think of the technology that links us today as “up in the clouds”, but in fact, these technologies have a very physical presence in our world. Their cables span across ocean floors and line the underbellies of every building. This piece brings these connections to the forefront and celebrates the physical places where intertwined memories are forged.

The artwork’s title, “Bird Cage” pays homage to the famed restaurant of the same name that occupied the Lord & Taylor Department store in the 1930’s. Historically, this space has always been a place for New Yorkers to gather. Brit wanted today’s space to be no different. Offering a new nest where people can take a break, connect, and create ideas. This piece is a tribute to the building's historical identity as a textile mill, seamlessly connecting the former technologies with the present.

Hand-knotted ropes made from solution-dyed acrylic in 21 colors + Hand-dyed leather in 6 colors + Serrated Edge Steel Fins

19' H x 18' W

Commissioned by Amazon + Indiewalls
Photography by Elliot Goldstein + Majid Aliyev
Architecture and Interiors by WRNS
Development by Seneca Group

880 Hours to create - Landmark building, West 38th St + 5th Avenue

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