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Chroma Metropolis

8500 Sunset Lobby, Los Angeles

Behold the artistry of a hand-dyed leather tile mural, thoughtfully crafted to evoke the intricate tapestry of neighborhoods that interlace the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Commissioned by House of Honey, our founder Brit Kleinman drew inspiration from her Angeleno roots to conceive this mesmerizing masterpiece for the lobby of the prestigious 8500 Sunset condominium complex.

​Drenched in a dynamic range of blues, the mural gracefully mirrors the color palette of L.A.'s breathtaking natural surroundings, from the vast expanse of the sky to the calming depths of the sea. As each leather tile finds its place in the grand design, it weaves together the essence of the city, capturing the spirit of the sprawling metropolis and the allure of its diverse neighborhoods.

Made from hand dyed leather tiles

12' x 10'

Commissioned by House of Honey for 8500 Sunset, CA

Located on the iconic Sunset Strip

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