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The Oxide collection is not just a set of tiles; it is a narrative of authenticity and tradition. It embodies the spirit of high-fired clay, molded by the hands of skilled artisans, and bears the marks of its journey. The result is an elevated rustic experience that brings the outdoors in, creating spaces that are not just adorned but alive with the soul of the earth.

With a palette reflecting the earthen landscapes of the Southwest, Oxide embodies a raw, natural aesthetic. Muted tones capture the warmth of the sunbaked terrain, creating an authentic and timeless vibe.

Available in two shapes: square and strike.
Square: 5”, 6” or 8”
Strike: 5” x 10”

Hand dyed tile leather, made in NYC

Full grain, smooth surface - Offered in 4/5 oz + 6/7 oz + 8/9 oz

Made to order, 6-9 week standard lead time

Easy to install, Glue application

Adds sound dampening properties