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The Yucca pattern embodies the spirit of New Mexico, mirroring the flower's resilience in harsh environments as it blossoms into a beautiful swordlike shape. This design symbolizes the protective and purifying qualities of Yucca, infusing your space with a sense of strength and serenity. Let the Yucca pattern be a reminder of nature's ability to thrive and endure, bringing a touch of southwestern charm and tranquility to your surroundings.

Hand dyed leather - Made in NYC

Hides average 40-50 sq. ft. - Thickness 1.2 – 1.6 mm

Made to order, 6-8 week standard lead time

Commercial grade, stain resistant - Easy to clean

Natural milled texture - Soft and supple feel


Commercial Grade and Stain Resistant

How to Order


Specify Quantity

Let us know what you want to upholster and how many sq. ft. you need. Want to build something custom? Send us drawings or photos to get started.



We will start by sending you a quote and then create a beautiful leather strike-off in our Brooklyn studio. Once approved, your upholstery leather will be ready to order!


Select Color

Pick from our standard colors, or create your own! Send us a pick from our Color Library, a Pantone®, paint chip, or mood board. We will find the right match.

Size Guide