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Magnetic Fields Light


Hand-dyed, woven leather tapestries hang from blackened steel in a wall-mounted diptych. Displaying a slightly ombre effect, the pieces provide different perspectives depending on where the viewer is standing. When your senses are activated, you’re more present in that space. So that’s one of the reasons I love textiles—they're tactile and visual, and with leather, there’s even a smell that comes into play.” While leather is typically thought of as a single surface, using it in weaving turns it into a three-dimensional object. In this instance, the textile sculptures drape into a U-shape, with the curves twisting to follow the natural inclination of the weave.

Woven, & Hand-dyed leather, Steel, Mercerized Cotton

Individual Size: 44" W x 75" H

Created by Brit Kleinman for her first solo show at Salon Design

Photography by Black and Steil